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Upholstery Cleaning for Offices in LIC, Astoria and NYC

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    Cleaning will keep your office upholstery clean and fresh for your staff and clients. Commercial upholstery can take heavy use but stains and dirt can build up quickly. You might think that cleaning will disrupt your office but not at GNG Carpet Cleaning. We will work with your busy schedule to make sure that we do not disrupt your office. We can work after hours or during weekends. Do you need your office upholstery and carpets cleaned weekly, monthly or on a custom schedule? We can arrange to have an experienced cleaning technician to come and maintain your commercial upholstery. Our services for commercial upholstery cleaning in NYC will keep your office looking clean and professional.

    Why Use a Professional Upholstery Cleaner?

    Commercial upholstery in NYC can take a lot of wear and tear because of high use. With clients coming in and out, and coffee and food being spilled, a beautiful couch or chair can look dirty and stained quickly. A stained and dirty couch will leave a bad impression on the your clients and guest so you need to keep them looking clean. For commercial upholstery cleaning in NYC, GNG Carpet Cleaning has the right tools for cleaning all types of upholstery, including leather upholstery. Our professional cleaning solutions will remove stains and odors and will help extend the life-span of your upholstery.

    Is It Time to Call GNG Carpet Cleaning?

    If your upholstery needs professional cleaning, call GNG Carpet Cleaning in Astoria and we can come to your office for a free cleaning quote. Our deep cleaning process will make your upholstery clean and smell fresher, which will improve the work environment. Call us today at (347) 966-7996 and we can come for a free on-site inspection and quote. Call for the best rates for upholstery cleaning in Long Island City and Astoria and all of NYC. Do your carpets need cleaning? Call us for our commercial carpet cleaning and let us get your office looking just like new.

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