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    upholstery cleaning nycHow would you like to sleep on a clean and fresh mattress? Mattresses will get dirty and smelly if they are not cleaned regularly. As you sleep, you can transfer sweat and dead skin to your mattress. Pets can have accidents on them or you can drop food and drinks on them. Dust, allergens and odors can lead to a bad night’s sleep. If you need mattress cleaning in NYC, call GNG Carpet Cleaning for a thorough cleaning of your mattress and get a restful night of sleep again.

    How We Clean a Mattress

    Before we start the cleaning process we pre-spray the mattress. Our pre-spray solution will break down body oil and sweat which traps dust and allergens. Without a pre-spray, the oil and sweat will keep binding the dust to the fiber making it almost impossible to remove. Once the pre-spray is done with breaking down the body oil and sweat, the dust and allergens are ready for removal.

    GNG Carpet Cleaning uses only the best steam cleaning machines. In contrast, rental machines cannot match the power of our professional steam machine. You need an industrial strength vacuum to suck out the water during cleaning. If the mattress is too wet, mold and mildew can start to grow and damage your mattress. Rental machines have a weak vacuum and will leave your mattress wet and still soaked with dirty water. This is combination that leads to mold and mildew. Our services for mattress cleaning in NYC will ensure you have a clean and fresh mattress for a great night of sleep.

    What Are the Benefits of Professional Mattress Cleaning

    Our steam cleaning technology delivers hot steam and water that kills not only bacteria on contact but kills dust mites and bed bugs. Bacteria can generate unpleasant odors. Our cleaning will eliminate these types of odors. Our cleaning machine injects hot water into the mattress and kills any bed bugs on contact. We also will remove allergens from the fabric. As a result, this allows people with allergies to breathe allergen-free air for a more restful sleep.

    Finally, GNG Carpet Cleaning is here to provide you with friendly and affordable service for all your cleaning needs. Call us at (347) 966 7996 and we can answer your questions about our service and give you a free quote. Need carpet and upholstery cleaning? Our range of cleaning services will ensure you get a cleaning that will leave your home spotless.

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