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    Do you want your tile and grout to look like new again? While tile is easy to clean and care for, over time the tile pours will absorb dust and grime, which will make the tile look dull and discolored. In order to get your tiles back to looking like new, you need a professional service for tile and grout cleaning in NYC such as GNG Cleaning.

    Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

    tile and grout cleaning nycIn order to restore your tiles, you need to reach deep into the pours and blast out the dirt and grime. Mopping or vacuuming will not do the job. You need a professional cleaning solution that provides a powerful cleaning technology but still within your budget.

    At GNG Cleaning our tile and grout cleaning technology will get your tiles pristine clean by:

    • 1. Apply and pre-spray to loosen the dirt and grime from the tile.
    • 2. Use a buffing machine with a rotary brush to agitate our cleaning solution and break down the dirt and grim for easy removal.
    • 3. Use a high-pressure steam machine to blast out the grime and bring it to the surface.
    • 4. Use a powerful suction brush to remove the grime, dirty water and leave your floor clean and dry.
    • 5. Our steam cleaning will sanitize and kill any bacteria.
    • 6. If you want, we can seal the grout to create a protective barrier against dirt and grime. This will make cleaning easier and keep it clean longer.

    Our cleaning solution is perfect for all types of tiles including ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and terracotta tiles.
    Whether you have kitchen or bathroom that need cleaning, or a high rise, GNG Cleaning is ready to help you. Call for a free onsite quote and we will create a custom package that fit with your needs and budget. Also ask about our carpet and upholstery cleaning if  you need additional cleaning for  your home.

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