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We Clean Sectionals, Sofas and Chairs. Call for Steam Cleaning in LIC, Astoria and NYC

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    GNG Carpet Cleaning specializes in delivering professional upholstery cleaning in NYC to all our clients. We are proud to provide complete customer satisfaction to each client.

    What can you expect when you let GNG Carpet Cleaning of LIC clean your upholstery?

    • Trained Staff that knows best way to clean your sofa
    • Eco-friendly cleaning that is pet and baby safe
    • Professional Equipment and Cleaning Solutions
    • Convenient Appointments that fits your schedule
    • Affordable price and great customer service

    GNG Carpet Cleaning uses hot water extraction method, or better known as steam cleaning. It is called steam cleaning because the water is 180 degrees and it is able to reach deep into the fabric and not only pull out dust and remove stains, but also kill any bacteria, dust mites or bed bugs in the upholstery. If you suffer from a skin rash this a great benefit to your health.

    sofa odor removalIf you have stains or odors on your upholstery or chairs, we also offer a shampoo cleaning treatment that uses a green cleaning solution. Our shampoo cleaning will remove stain and odors and revive the true color on your sofa or couch. Does your couch look like it is time to through it away because it looks too dirty or grungy to clean. Call GNG Carpet Cleaning and you will be amazed at how we can clean even the dirtiest sofa and make it look just like new again.
    When you call GNG Cleaning of Long Island City you can expect the best service for upholstery cleaning in Astoria, LIC and NYC. We offer:

    • Pre-spray to looses dust and stains from the fabric
    • Green Cleaning solutions that will not irritate the skin
    • Steam Cleaning to refresh your upholstery
    • Shampoo Cleaning to remove stains and odors
    • Spot Cleaning and Deodorizing
    • Scotch Guard to protect your sofa and chairs from stains

    Our prices are competitive, our service cannot be beat and we will find a convenient time for your no matter how busy your schedule. Call us for a professional cleaning that covers your entire couch or sectional including all the cushions and pillows. Our job is not done until you fully approve of our work. If you want your carpets cleaned, we will give your carpet or rugs a great cleaning and make your house look spotless.

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